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Explained: Eaglefit Ems Suit and Easy Motion Skin

Eaglefit EMS Suit explained in English.

Eaglefit, a company out of Langenau in Germany offers an EMS-Suit. I was allowed to test it and want to share my impressions with you, now. The Head of the company wrote me an email and asked me if i would be interested in testing his device. For Sure i was into it. So let`s get started with the test. What are the abilities of the Eaglefit EMS-Suit?


The first touch on the textile remembers me of a very thin surfing wetsuit. The Material (84% Nylon, 16% Spandex) is very flexible and the cords are seamed onto the inside. The Zipper to shut the suit is on the back; just the way like a surf-suit. To get it shut you need to have normal shoulder mobility. For peoples with restricted range of motion i recommend getting the help of another person to get it closed.

The suit comes in eight different sizes (xs to 4xl). Xl pretty much fits for me, whereas i have comfort to put it one and move easy. I Could go for l or even m to have the suit really thight to the body. But i think putting too much tightness stress on the textile will reduce the time the suit survives my training routines. So i go for a comfortably fitting, but not loose suit.

The device in detail:

The functional component of the suit consists of 10 pairs of Electrodes, which are located over the areas of the main Muscle-Groups in the Thigh, Hamstrings, Glutes, Lower Back, Middle Back, Shoulders, Abdominals, Chest, Triceps, Biceps). The Electrodes feel thick. Compared to the Easy Motion Skin maybe double as thick. Nevertheless they feel softer. The sizes of the Electrodes also seem to be bigger than in concurrating products. In the beginning, especially the Glutes- and Leg-Elctrodes seemed to be too big in my opinion. But… it works very well. The best thing is: Even the suit has a Guarantee of 24 Months. Easy Motion Skin gives 6 Months; The Antelope-Suit only 53 washes…

The cords on the inside of the textile are coverd with a rubber-like material and are seemed to the suit with a very thin thread. Thinking of a very tight fitting suit an highly dynamic movements e.g. on the floor i am skeptic if it will last. Due to the very thick rubber-material there will be no torn cords, i think. The cords are attached to the electrodes in a midline way. They seem stable and solid. Whereas i noticed a possible weak point at the connection of the cords to the Baseplate of the Powerbox-Attachement. The Cords seem to just be running into the baseplate just easily attached to it. This may just be a little fear in my first check of the device, and i hope the suit will convince me that i was wrong.

Design of the Eaglefit Home EMS-Suit

The basic colour of the suit is black. The green seams and the green logo on the chest give it a sporty look. But, personally, i would prefer a unique black coloured suit.

Stimulation Device

The Powerbox is kinda like every Powerbox you have on EMS-Suits nowadays. It has the size of a Walkman (for those who once had their hands on), or a big pack of Cigarrettes. It Occurs to be very lightweight and has power (according to the producers Homepage) for four to six Sessions (i got seven hours of Training out of mine).

The connection to the mobile phone is Bluetooth 4.0. Charging is via USB C (5 Volt). The Accumulator itself has a current of 3,7 V at 2000 mAh.

The Box has a Power-Button which is haptically not really easy to detect. While using the Suit under other Clothes it is nearly impossible to find the Button to push „through“ the other clothes to turn the device on again after you unwillingly turned it off because you had a little pressure with your forearms to the side of the hip (e.g. happens while Deadlifts).

The physical connection of the Powerbox with the suit is a Baseplate with indents and a round knob to take up the fitting opposites from the Box. There you have two hooks and a round hole as opponent. The Box is, after put into these additionally safed from falling off via a velcro fastener. This Box never falls down. NEVER. And a loosing of contact while training is nearly impossible.

The positioning of the box is over the frontside of the right hip. And does not limit flexion or extension movements. Perfect.

The App:

The App is working super good after being updated in the beginning of 2021. You can choose different programs or create your own, build yourself a training regime which is accompanied by videos. The software is not limited in any kind of matter. So you can do Power- Workouts as often as you want. This is especially good for people that share a Powerbox but have their own suit, or for Personal Trainers that want to build up a good working Ems-System for their Clients (You just have to buy some suits and a box and you are ready to go).

By clicking on individual you can manipulate every possible setting. Frequency from 0-120 Hz, Impulsedeepness form 0-450, length of exercising 0-40 mins, lenth of intervall 0-30 Sec and length of breaks.

The Muscles are easily regulated unique or together with up and down buttons. You can diconnect and reconnect muscles with one touch on their name in the running program as well as changing the rest time of your training while exercising. Supergood.


The Quality of the suit itself seems proper. The producer says that washing it 100 times will have no necative effect. And then there is the Guarantee for the 24 Months on the textile. That is worth a test.The Powerbox is featherlight and kinda soft which makes a lightly cheap first impression. But why should it be heavy and hard? It has just got to work. Thats what it does. Made in China. Why not? After using it 8 Months now i never had a problem.

Knowledge transfer:

In the pack, there is a description of the first steps to activate the device as well as a poster with exercises on it. On the Homepage and Youtoube-Channel you have videos describing the details and further mechanisms of the suit. Additionally you can stream different trainings. The language of these videos usually is german.


1490 Euros – thats definitely affordable for a good working EMS-System. Usually you pay this amount of money for your membership in an ems-club (which are shut down due to corona right now). Using the Code QR9R59 will give you a 5% discount on everything you have in your shopping cart.


24 Months. Despite the Accumulator. This has a 6 Months warranty (is able to be replaced for a fee of 160 Euros).


The Eaglefit Home Ems-Suit is very functional at a good price. For those who cannot afford the Mercedes of EMS-Suits, the Easy Motion Skin, it is definately a buy.


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  2. Hallo Richard,
    erst einmal vielen herzlichen Dank für Deine Wahnsinns Arbeit.
    Die Seiten sind super informativ und die Infos und Testergebnisse haben mir meine Auswahl
    doch enorm erleichtert. Ich bin leider nicht der „Super-Sportler“, versuche aber neben meinem täglichen Spaziergang, abends noch ein Stündchen im Keller zu trainieren.
    Meistens mache ich Jumping Fitness und im Anschluss etwas Hula Hoop
    oder aber ich schwing mich aufs Laufband und mache im Anschluss Seilspringen.
    Krafttraining macht mir nicht so wirklich Spaß und darum bleiben Hantelbank und Co meistens unbenutzt.
    Jetzt habe ich gelesen, dass man max. 2 x 20 Minuten in der Woche mit EMS trainieren soll / darf.
    Mein Programm fürs Trampolin dauert allerdings schon 45 Minuten und auch auf dem Laufband bin ich regulär auch immer länger.
    Was meinst Du? Kann ich den Anzug für meinen „Frauensport“ öfter nutzen und
    welches Programm würdest Du mir empfehlen???
    Über eine Antwort wäre ich sehr dankbar.
    Vielen Dank und liebe Grüße

    • Hallo Susanne,

      ich freue mich darüber, dass es Menschen gibt denen meine Gedanken und Erfahrungen weiter helfen können.
      Mit den Programmen für deinen Sport ist das so eine Sache…
      1) Für das Laufband und das Trampolin empfehle ich Dir ein Cardioprogramm (Ausdauer). Cardioprogramme (meist in den Einstellungen wählbar (20-40 Hz) sollen Typ 1- Muskelfasern ansprechen.) sind bisher noch frei von maximalen Vorgaben. Dies hat damit zu tun, das hier (noch?) keine erhöhten Kreatinkinase-Werte (Marker der Muskelzerstörung) in irgendwelchen Studien nachgewiesen wurde. Du kannst also unabhängig der Lizenzierung deines Systems so oft Cardioprogramme machen, wie du willst.
      2) Unabhängig von der Art des Programmes willst du dich beim Ems bitte immer noch bewegen können. Du machst bitte kein statisches Training mit komplett verkrampfender Muskulatur infolge hoher Stromwerte.
      3) 2* Krafttraining pro Woche macht absolut Sinn. Beim Ems kannst du in 20 Minuten viel bewegen. Wenn du siehst dass Du dabei Erfolg hast macht es dann auch Spaß. Mein Tipp: Versuche es!

      So, jetzt aber zur Frage: Was schwebt DIr denn für ein Anzug vor?

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