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The kraftwunder system comes out of Berlin/Germany. It is a middlefrequency EMS-Device that can also be operated in low frequency if needed. Developing since 2019 it has quickly reached a very good quality and style. The suit is completely made in Germany. Different parts of the operational stimulation device are ordered in Asia, but put together in Germany.

Whats in the package?

Suit mit Steuerungseinheit und Akku

The Suit, four Electodes for the Extremities, Connection Cables, Stimulation Device, Accumulator and Instructions of use build the package.


The black Suit is knit flat. The yarn is very durable. Wearing it feels quite like an Easy Motion Skin. It is made out of 86% Polyamid and 14% Elasthan. The arms and legs have individual Neopren-Electrodes which have to be put on and adjusted seperately. The Spots for the connection of Powerbox and Accumulator to the suit are at the right and left hip.


All are wet to use. The Electrodes of arms and legs have a very strong velcro and the connection cables sit perfect on their hubs. The six pairs of Electrodes in the suit are cloth coated stainless steel made.

Connected to the suit they are with velcro, too. Their signals they get via hubbed on strong and thin cables. This gives the user the possibility to change an electrode at very low cost. Perfect. Thats the way to save some money when running a studio!


Me, personally like the black suit very much. In a Studio Situation you have to wear special underwear, commonly black too. So it fits. It is a decent style with orange branding on the chest and upper back – Cool.

Stimulation Device / Powerbox:

Consisting of two boxes, the Accumultor and the Stimulator, the Functional Unit has a good place aside the hips. It is connected via magnetism and velcro straps.


MADE IN GERMANY. No more must be said.

Knowledge transfer:

The packed by user Instruction gives the buyer the information he needs, Warranty, Cleaning, the App, Contraindications… you all find it here.


Since the System is of very good quality and all the electrodes fit perfectly you can do all kinds of exercises or sports with it. The App has many different Trainning Programs targeting various wishes of the consumers.


For the technical devices (Accumulator and Powerbox) it is 24 Months!!! The Suit and Electrodes have 6 Months.


The kraftwunder electric muscle shaper costs € 2890 for Home users (1 Suit, 1*Set Arm- and Leg-Electrodes, 1 Set Connection Cables, 1 kraftbox (Powerbox), 1 Accumulator, 1 Charger, 1 License (Training for 60 Mins per week. Can be extended to 120 Mins per week with € 250 extra)).

The Studio Version costs € 16495 (14 Suits, 4 Sets Arm- and Leg-Electrodes, 2 Sets Connection Cables, 2 kraftboxes, 2 Accumulators, 2 Chargers.


kraftwunder definately is a possible game changer for EMS-Studios. Since it has good quality and cheap possibilities to change electrodes in a suit you should go for it if you are interested in low maintaining costs. The Home-Version also is a very good product. Customers knowing the benefits of a middle-frequency EMS-Device will be very happy to have a kraftwunder.


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